director - BEN HILTON

Shot & Cut by Ben Hilton
Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Hushabye’

Little Girl: Frida Batsel-Parker
Dead guy: Ben Elliot
Owl: Ewan Wallace
Fox: James Stathatos
Badger: Luke Rattenbury
Hedgehog: Helen Cockin

With thanks to all at Busses Farm.
Camera crew: Olly Rose & Elle Sillanpaa

more on Jennifer -

The geeks amongst you may be interested to know that I shot this using the Technicolor Cinestyle camera profile on a Canon. I started post by putting the rushes through Magic Bullet Grinder and cut offline in Avid MC using AMA. I conformed back to the Online files and graded in Apple Color using the Tangent Wave Lite on an iPad and the Technicolor Cinestyle LUT.
I’m not saying its the best way, but it was simple and fun and I’m happy with what I got, although I appreciate there’s a lot of noise in the low light images.

The axe Jennifer uses, despite being identical to the one in my Turin Brakes video, we just found on the farm on the day and was a complete coincidence…. although Jennifer’s bass player also plays bass in Turin Brakes… so who can possibly say…